Served until 11:30am

The full works £5

Scrambled eggs, old spot patty, keens cheddar, smoked bacon, HP relish on sourdough

Benedict melt £4.5

York ham, scrambled egg, vintage cheddar, hollandaise sauce


The Melts

The Classic £4

Special cheese blend grilled on sour dough bread, add onion 50p

BBQ chicken £5

Red cabbage slaw & cheddar

Pastrami £5

Mushroom, horseradish & red leicestershire and cheddar

Portobello mushroom (V) £5

Thyme, roasted peppers & provolone cheese

Pulled pork shoulder £5

Wholegrain mustard, real ale and apple chutney & cheddar

Tuna bean salad £5

Melted mozzarella

Roast Beetroot (V) £5

Hummus, broad beans, feta & rocket

Nutella & mascarpone melt (V) £3.5

Milk bread

Banoffee melt (V) £4

Milk bread

Peanut butter and jelly melt (V) £4

Milk bread



Our Specials

Mac and cheese £5

Mac and cheese melt served plain. Add with bacon or chorizo for £1

Salted Beef £5

Beef, pickles, mustard, mature cheddar

Spanish melt £5

Chorizo sliced, chopped tomatoes, mix cheese

Chorizoooo £5

Pamplona sliced, chopped tomato, mix cheese on basil bread



Limited edition

El Mexican £6

Bacon, guacamole, cheddar, sweet corn, red peppers, salsa. Hot or mild

Fish and chips melt £7

Fish fingers, tartare sauce, mozzi mix, romaine lett and fries




Vine tomato soup (V) £3

Cheese croutons





On the side

Crisp dill pickle £0.50

Melt room relish £0.50

Coleslaw £1

House salad £2

Fries £1.50

Cheesy fries £1.90

Truffle cheesy fries £2.30




Hot Drinks

Espresso sgl/dbl £1.5/£1.75

Caffe latte £2

Cappuccino £2

Americano £1.5

Hot chocolate £2

Extra shot 50p

Syrup 35p

English breakfast tea £1.5

Herbal teas £2


Cold Drinks

Soft drink £1

Orange Juice £2

Belu still water £1

Belu sparking water £1



Alcoholic Drinks

Beer & wine by the bottle

Peroni 3.60

Becks 3.75

Malbec 19.99

Corona 3.50

Pinot Grigio 20.00

Sauvignon Blanc 19.00

Budweiser 3.75

Heineken 3.50

Rioja 20.00

Prosecco 27.00